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How Handbag Manufacturers Inspect Quality of Handbags

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How Handbag Manufacturers Inspect Quality of Handbags
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        Product inspection is an indispensable link in the handbag manufacturing. Then how the handbag manufacturers control the quality of handbags?

For the handbag manufacturers, the method of product inspection should also be right, that is, be efficiency and effective. Different products and different quantities should adopt their respective inspection methods. For products of large quantities, the sample inspection should be adopted. For example, draw 10%-20% of the products as the sample and make strict quality inspection. Furthermore, sample inspection can be divided into simple random sampling, stratified sampling and systematic sampling, etc. However, for products with fe w quantities, it is better to adopt general investigation, so as to fully and strictly guarantee the product quality. 

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Boshen Leather Products Company, as a professional handbag manufacturer, has always been strictly controlling its product quality. Because we know only the product quality is guaranteed can we obtain trust of customers.