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Choosing Boshen due to its
standard management Pierre Cardin

Our company has been working with Boshen, the genuine leather handbag manufacturers, for over 10 years, beginning in 2003. We have always had a professional and enjoyable relationship. Why we have been with Boshen all this time is because it enjoys a good reputation inside the Guangzhou handbag manufacturing industry with great conduct and standardized management.boshen is a very good leather handbag manufacturers


Choosing Boshen due to its
superior product qualityRussian CARLO PAZOLINI

Our company is a Russian brand leather company with business mainly in Russia and Europe. Since 2006, we have collaborated with Boshen. Our company demands excellent quality and hardware as well as leather materials to reach international standards for environmental protection. boshen is a good handbag factory he meets our requirements.


Choose Boshen because of its punctual deliveriesRussian Mascotte

We started working with Boshen in 2007. We have cooperated with a lot of leather handbag actories, but these relationships did not last owing to late deliveries. We never worried about deliver time with Boshen and we can also save costs in exchange rates because we can use foreign currency.boshen is a trusted handbag factory.


We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Boshenfrom Australia

We started to cooperate with Boshen in March, 2015,We commissioned boshen processing wallet and other products.Boshen boasts a very good capability in product development and production control and management as well as perfect customer service. Boshen is a very trustworthyIs wallet manufacturer. We expect to expand cooperation with Boshen and achieve more.