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Handbag OEM Process

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Handbag OEM Process
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       Many customers want a handbag manufacturer. As a professional handbag manufacturer, GUANGZHOU BOSHEN LEATHER GOODS CO., LTD will tell you some knowledge about the industry to let you know about the handbag manufacturing process.

The first step is to contact is handbag manufacturer to communicate on the design and styles and sign confidentiality agreement to ensure the design is not disclosed. The second step is that the handbag manufacturer will study the design when receiving it, and discuss with you on the manufacture of samples. The manufacture of sample usually takes 2 weeks. The third step is production, which takes around 4-7 weeks. It depends on the quantity on the order and the complexity of product.

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GUANGZHOU BOSHEN LEATHER GOODS CO., LTD is different from most handbag manufacturers. We keep an eye on every step of manufacture to ensure fine product quality. Welcome to GUANGZHOU BOSHEN LEATHER GOODS CO., LTD if you are looking for a handbag manufacturer.