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Are Guangzhou bag manufacturers professional enough?

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Are Guangzhou bag manufacturers professional enough?
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Yesterday, a new European brand customer contacted Guangzhou bag manufacturer Boshen Leather, and we quickly entered into cooperation with customer after communication and inspection.

This European customer mainly sells high-end crocodile bags, and places very great demands on the products. This time, the quality of the model made by the bag manufacturer who cooperated with them was not good, and the service was poor, and they decided to re-find the manufacturer. As a result, the goods processing is delayed, and their current demand for products is extremely scare. When they found Boshen Leather, they said that they wanted to finish the goods in early May.


The delivery period is very tight, but in order to enable customers to make up the goods, Guangzhou bag manufacturer Boshen Leather gives the customer the following answer: they can be shipped on time! Boshen is a modern professional manufacturer, all aspects are relatively sound, we are confident that we can ship on time.