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Sharing Economic Philosophy of Handbag Manufacturers

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Sharing Economic Philosophy of Handbag Manufacturers
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Sharing makes available a greater utility of resources. Can handbag manufacturers take part in the sharing economy? Boshen Leather Goods will analyze the benefits of participation in the sharing economy by handbag manufacturers.

I) Sharing of part-time workers, which means the sharing of labors among the industry. II) Sharing of plate-making rooms. Today every manufacturer has its own plate-making rooms, but sharing of such rooms will make it easier to make plates in the future. III) Sharing of purchase. Professional purchase teams can make it more professional, thus saving a lot of expense for the manufacturer. And IV) Sharing of workshops. Currently many handbag manufacturers show serious overcapacity. They could sort out unused workshops to be shared with others, thus making efficient use of resources.

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Boshen Leather Goods looks forward to discussing with you about more topics on the sharing in the leather goods manufacturing industry!