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There was no parallel in history. The COVID-19 broke out in 2020, which leading to extraordinary prevention and control measures in all countries. All the workers were isolated at home and business activities almost stagnated. The World Health Organization released its trade statistics and Outlook report on April 8, which predicted that global trade would plummet by 13% - 32% in 2020. Up to now, The COVID-19 is crazy expanding all over the it has not been effectively controlled. According to the latest forecast, The COVID-19 is going to continue until the year 2021. Many leather goods factories in Guangzhou is depending on foreign trade orders, so how should leather goods factories do to handle this terrible situation?
Many small-scale leather factories have been closed in March or April this year due to no orders. As a large-scale factory, Guangzhou Boshen Leather Goods Co., Ltd. has taken the following measures to survive facing the sharp decrease in orders, hoping to inspire other factories.

Expending the business channels:
1. Seek for breakthroughs in the domestic market, so we had launched our own brands through live shows and other channels, and carry out strategic transfer.
2. Increase the investment in online marketing and seek business opportunities through major online sales platforms.
3.Cooperate with pharmaceutical enterprises to jointly produce medical protective articles such as face masks, protective gowns, hand sanitizer, etc., to protect ourselves and provide a health guarantee for loyal customers abroad. 

1. Reduce unnecessary personnel expenditure.
2. Reduce unnecessary procurement expenditure.
3. Improve the utilization rate of plant and office.

Through the continuous implementation of the above measures, together with the joint efforts of customers, owners and employees, the leather factory will be able to survived from The COVID-19.We are sure that the new development opportunity is on the coming way.

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