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The edge painting is an important part in leather goods processing.

2022-09-21 11:37:50 

The edge painting is an important part in leather goods processing. If Guangzhou Leather Goods Factory wants to do a good job in the product, it must not be careless in the edge painting process. It must be very strictly quality control.

Many clients find Guangzhou leather goods factory for OEM products, and they will also emphasize the edge paintingprocess of the products. Some time ago, a well-known brand asked Boshen Leather goods Co.,Ltd. to OEM leather products, which revealed the brand's distress. The products made in other factories had the problem of melting edgepainting, which caused huge losses. Guangzhou leather goods factory must consider the problem from the clients’ point of view when OEM products to ensure the quality is qualified.From the technical point of view, the firstimportantthing is to use high-quality raw materials for edgepainting, and the second thing is to operate according to the high technical standards ,Don't leave quality hidden dangers just because you want to be fast.

For any Guangzhou leather goods factory, quality is the lifeblood of survival. If you want to make high-quality leather products, you must ensure that the quality control of the edge painting and other process !