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In 2019, leather goods manufacturers prefer these kinds among 14 spring and summer fashion colors of leather goods, what about you?

2019-04-29 16:55:22 

In the spring and summer season, which is full of gorgeous colors, Pantone, the popular color organization, announced that there are as many as 14 kinds of spring and summer colors this year. Today, the leather goods manufacturer will have a chat with you.

Among them, leather goodsmanufacturer'sfavorite colors are Jester Red, Pepper Stem, and Mango Mojito. Jester Red is very suitable for Asians. It is not as intense and hot as pure red, yet it is stable and graceful. Pepper Stem givespeople a breath of spring and summer, full of vitality. Mango Mojito is very friendly to Asian girls, and it is lively and hearty.


These are the several colors that leather goods manufacturers prefer. These colors are especially suitable for Asian skin color, and they are really beautiful!